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Wisdom begins in Wonder.
— Aristotle

Following the idea of movement as research, as exploration, as inquiry, as expression, as a path to self-knowledge, and as a way into wonder; I am delighted to play in the realm of movement with you.

I am both a student researcher and practitioner in this field. 

Student researcher

As a student researcher in Dance & Movement Therapy, I am in active learning and training with the boutique and professional-friendly West Coast Dance & Movement Therapy. I will be featuring this learning and training (and reading, oh the glorious reading) on my blog "Deeper Well". 

Stay Tuned and get ready to READ and LEARN with me. 

Play-full Practitioner

Applying what I am learning in Dance & Movement Therapy to my existing skills in social work, and yoga, I am offering creative movement, intuitive dance sessions, as well as developmental therapy and education for children, youth, families and adults through individual consultations or community classes. 

Stay Tuned and get ready to MOVE with me. 


The following gallery is a series of photographs that capture children in the joy of movement, as featured on my business cards. All photos are from Unsplash and/or Pixabay, and are Creative Commons Photography. I am so grateful to live in world so rich with open sourced resources. Bless you photographers and visionaries, and child-enthusiasts alike!