I'm leaving this Therapy page up for information only.

I am not taking any new therapy clients this year (2018/2019).

I am taking a sabbatical year to focus on writing and creating a Developmental Movement Program for early childhood. 


Please check in with my blogs! Click to link. 

The Moving Well Blog will detail this project as it unfolds. 

I will be blogging on The Deeper Well on all things yoga, philosophical and contemplative. 

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Somatic & Psycho-therapy Offerings for Individuals, Children, Youth, and Families


Individual therapy

I work with individuals to co-vision goals and treatment that cultivate clarity, calm anxiety and stress, and aid in balancing the psychic and physiological energies of momentum with stillness. I encourage radical self care practices that are deep, embodied and transforming. Adults $110/hour

child wilderness therapy

My favourite place to work with children is in nature; unplugged, unscreened and unbound by the trappings of all things electronic. I support children in learning self-regulation and how to think critically and creatively about their lives through movement. Children $95/hour

couples & family therapy

Trained in Satir Family Transformational Systemic Therapy, I value creative, active and enriching couple and family work that focuses on healthy attachment, and fosters resourceful relationships through skill building in non-violent communication techniques. I help families build internal resources while they re-story their lives. $125/hour

youth & group therapy

Working with youth individually or in groups, I focus on the importance of vision and expression to support youth to clarify and identify their personal values in order to live unique lives... on purpose. I specialize in working with at risk and queer identified youth who are questioning, curious, or in transition. $100/hour for Individuals and $150-$200/hour for Groups 

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Child & Family Therapy Manifesto:

I encourage children to become aware, to attune, to pay attention, to notice, 

and then to direct their own experience of energy. 

Since energy is power, children who can regulate their own energy are empowered beings. 

Families that can co-regulate are truly empowered families. 

Communities that can co-regulate will change the world.

The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you really are.
— Joseph Campbell