This is a subtle truth.
Whatever you love, you are.
— Rumi

Intention & Praxis

I am driven by a strong desire to catalyze life-long learning and radical self-care in the pursuit of living a thriving, rich and balanced life. My intention is to inspire others towards the acquisition of skills, knowledge and self-awareness in order to cultivate a deeper appreciation for who they are, and how the best version of themselves can be revealed through breath, movement, and appreciative inquiry. I am a weaver in the web of wonderment and connection. 

My praxis, the methodologies and embodiment through which I express my values in practice, are built upon the following influences, as well as living authentically, responsibly, and sensibly, while holding sacred space, learning every day, being embedded in nature, and balancing spending time in solitude with time in community. 

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Eastern Philosophies & Practices

My practice is founded in Vedic arts and sciences, including Classical Yoga, Ayurveda and Mahayana Buddhism. I am a student of the Tao, studying QiGong, and I am also a Reiki Master Teacher since 1993. 

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Continental Philosophy & Western Psychotherapy

I am deeply informed by philosophy; including phenomenology, hermeneutics, metaphysics and ethics. I am likewise informed by psychoanalytic approaches that I then focus towards contemplation, internal experiences, relationships, somatics and integration. 

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Social Work and Child & Youth Care


My career in care work began in Early Childhood Education. My undergrad is in Child & Youth Care with specializations in working with Indigenous youth and children with sexual behaviour problems. I have completed a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in working with sexually diverse families. 

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Ecotherapy, Deep Ecology, & Nature as Third Space

Drawing on Jungian theory, in concert with a deep appreciation and comfort in nature, I am influenced by phenomenological, heuristic eco-activist and eco-philosophers, such as David Abrams, Rachel Carlson, Henry David Thoreau, Vandana Shiva and Wade Davis.  My practice happens in the heart of the woods, or in proximity of the voluptous ocean. 

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Dance & Movement Therapy

Dance and movement therapy is an expressive art that is steeped in the sciences of psychology, embryology, biomechanics and experiential anatomy. As a current and passionate student of this practice, I value authentic, intuitive movement as necessary steps towards healing, health and vibrant well-being. 

Education & Professional affiliations


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Child & Youth Care from the University of Victoria
  • Masters of Social Work Degree from the University of British Columbia
  • 4 years of PhD (ABD) work at the University of British Columbia Okanagan
  • Advanced Training in Satir Intergenerational Family Systems Therapy
  • 300 Hours Foundational Kriplu Yoga, Nutrition & Lifestyle Training
  • Semperviva 95 Hours Children’s Yoga Teacher Training
  • Current Student of Dance and Movement Therapy (West Coast Dance & Movement Therapy)
  •  Registered Member of British Columbia College of Social Workers #8376
  • Member of the British Columbia Association of Social Workers #1003379
  • Member of the British Columbia Play Therapy Association
  • Registered Yoga Instructor: Yoga Alliance E-RYT-200 # 70239
  • Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher: RCYT
  • Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Student Member of the American Dance & Movement Therapy Association


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Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.
— Mary Oliver