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Partners, Affiliates and resources

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Feature: The Lotus Wrap from Earth to Ethers

Welcome to the inaugural Partenr/Resource Feature!

I'm incredibly pleased to feature a prop that is essential to my personal practice, my clinical practice and my teaching practice! (obviously I need a lot of practice). 

Please let met introduce you to an amazing nervous system (because it is so much more than a yoga an meditation tool) prop: The Lotus Wrap. It was invented by my dear friend Kara Schwandt of the British Columbia based Company Earth to Ethers. How proud I am of this incredible woman who birthed the idea of the Lotus Wrap while sitting stationary for long periods of time during a 10 day silent Vipassana Retreat. And she has been a Peace Doula ever since (to stretch a metaphor). I think that the VERY best way to hear about the Lotus Wrap, is directly from darling Kara, as she is so eloquent and went to all this trouble to produce this invitational video for promotion. Please enjoy! 


The video below is a demonstration of the Lotus Wrap showing its use specifically with children. If you have children at home that would benefit from calming practices for their central nervous systems, for example, if they have sensory or behavioural needs, you may consider trying this with your sweet little ones. In-Joy!

If you are interested in purchasing a Lotus Wrap, please connect with me through my Connect page, as I have a wonderful supply of vintage Lotus Wraps that I am willing to sell at a very special price for watching this video. Of course, you can also purchase them directly from Kara. She is constantly coming out with lovely muted shades, and even sells an extra long one for tall and larger bodies. May you be happy and free. May you be wrapped in love.