WonderLab: Ready, Set, Grow!

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Welcome to Wonderland Movement! 

This is a space to explore, resource and contemplate Wonder and Movement with the heart and mind of appreciative inquiry. Indeed, WonderLab Movement is a place for the confluence of body and mind with a view towards achieving integration, wholeness and peace through movement.

WonderLab Movement is about being curious, not certain. It is about holding space for dichotomous thinking, for not knowing, for being messy in learning and moving. 

WonderLab Movement is primarily about focusing my professional relationship with children.

WonderLab Movement is also about embodiment, about total body connectivity, about exploring, emerging and enhancing the lives of children through developmental movement education. 

Children have always been my heart-space, and as I train deeper into Dance and Movement therapy, layered with social work, yoga and child wilderness therapy, I see how my practice is evolving and becoming more sophisticated, yet at the same time, more playful. 

My intention is to offer this space in Community. I've starting using this verb: Communitying. I want to community with you, not to you, or about you. I wish for you to chat with me here, to ask questions, and to guide me to serve you in resourceful and meaningful ways that promote growth in children, families and communities. 

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Let's Move together in Wonder. 

Ready, Set, Grow!