Welcome to the "Moving Well" Blog, a component of the WonderLab Movement portion of my business.

My intention is to create a garden of resources here, to leave seeds for you to plant if they work for you. 

I will provide only science and evidence based information that is intended to enrich the lives of children and their families. 

Let's start by creating a glossary of terms to create a landscape of common understanding: 

ECE: Early Childhood Education

DMT: Dance & Movement Therapy

KMP: Kestenberg Movement Profile

To open, I am presenting a workshop that will introduce my new love, The Kestenberg Movement Profile. As a DMT student, I am learning how to clinically observe and analyze early childhood behaviour in order to determine treatment and interventions that support healthy physical and psychological development through movement. 

I am so blessed to be working with the Precious Seeds Montessori Houses, as we are co-visioning enhancing the existing yoga program with elements of my training in dance and movement therapy. 

If you are a parent of a Precious Seeds Montessori House child, please contact Christine to register for the upcoming workshop by clicking here to her contact page.