Mandala: Music, Movement & Mindfulness Multimodal Play-Based Education


I am very pleased to be offering a new program at Precious Seeds Montessori House this year. This program is called Mandala: Music, Movement & Mindfulness. This curriculum is multimodal, meaning that it incorporates multiple learning strategies that enhance both expressive and receptive speech in early childhood, while meeting the needs of diverse learning styles.

The word mandala means circle, and I chose this word to highlight the intention of fostering community through interactive play-based education and opportunities for children to take up leadership positions within their circle of peers, aiding in their development of autonomy, self-esteem and empathy. This program will centre around rhythm, including the rhythms of early childhood development, and as such will also be emergent: meeting their needs and interests as they arise.

The children and I will be studying music and rhythm together with the support of simple instruments, singing and creative movement. We will also incorporate yoga, dance and developmental movement into this program. We will end each session by focusing on mindfulness and sharing with children the value of being still and calm in order to self-soothe and co-regulate with others.

I will be writing a monthly blog that will highlight the work we do each month. My intention is to share these simple, fun and effective practices with you so that your children can integrate their school life with their home life. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as well.

Looking forward to an amazing year with your precious seeds.