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Welcome to my Sensory Sanctuary. May you find yourself immersed in succulent and relevant resources that relate to my private practice in Movement, Yoga, Therapy & Education. This is an Inward Bound journey. My intention is to provide you tools and invitations to come home to your whole self.

May your experience be DEEP and marked by wonder. 


Direct Experience = Embodied Practice


By opening to sensory experience, in the moment, as it unfolds without resistance, we avail ourselves to a practice of embodiment. Many sages purport that our 'true nature' is the vibrant aliveness we feel when we are in the flow of direct sensory experience. It is important to realize that our brilliant minds are part of our bodies, and need to be integrated for us to achieve wholeness. For this reason, my private practice is inclined to value holism through the multiple lenses of art, science, philosophy and spirituality.


In-Joy, In-DEEP

Photo by Byron Foli

Photo by Byron Foli


"Look deeply into nature and you will understand everything better". ~ Albert Einstein

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Photo from Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

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"Nothing is more revealing than movement". ~Martha Graham

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