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Courage Does Not Always Roar...

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"Courage Does Not Always Roar....

Sometimes, it is the Quiet Voice that Says, "I will try again tomorrow".

~ Mary Anne Radmacher.

One of favourite quotes ever. In the history of Ever.

I first saw it on the bathroom wall of my favourite therapist of all time, the inimitable Susan Armstrong (who has a practice in the Okanagan... she is THE REAL DEAL).

I am currently writing a course on trauma sensitive and decolonizing yoga teaching strategies, and this quote is like a bolster under the legs of my theoretical perspective on "resilience" and "courage". 

These words: resilience and courage,  are often used as psychological whips that produce deep shame when someone is so depleted of energy they cannot produce, perform or rise as others may decide they should.

These words are sometimes oppressive even if they are intended to be helpful. I love this quote's approach to courage. It signals the inclusion of waiting until it arrives, rather than expecting it to always move you forward like a lion. Sometimes, courage needs the right context to show up. Sometimes courage is quiet. Unassuming. Sometimes it subverts and disrupts what we expect. 

Sometimes courage is the quiet lamb that needs to rest and gain strength.

Trust yourself first, to decide what expression of courage is right for you. 

As one of my most prominent yoga teachers shares, "May you be like the lotus, at home in muddy waters " (Judith Lasatar, inhabiting the original quote from Thich Nat Hahn's "No Mud, No Lotus" axiom). 

Life can be muddy, but without the mud, we wouldn't feel that oh so satisfying 'ssshhhhluckkkk' feeling when our boot breaks free from the muck into clear air. As care workers and support professionals, we can't, nor should we, clear other people's muck because it is their journey to traverse, but we can line up gum boots and rain gear to help others weather their own storms, and make their own way through their own muck, in the company of community. 

How are you expressing your courage today? Roaring? Or in quietude?