Introduction to Yoga: Session 6

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Samyama: Focus, Meditation & Bliss

Plus a bonus Guided Yoga Nidra at the end…

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Pose of Interest: Low Lunge

In this session, we added in the asana of Anjyansana or low lunge to complete the puzzle pieces that make up our modified Therapeutic Sun Salutations.

We modified this pose by using blocks on either side of the front foot to support the upper body.

Completing the Micro Study of the 8 Limbs of Patanjali


Dharana refers to focus, concentration and single mindedness. Dharana is the process of choosing what to focus on, perhaps the breath, or internal sensations, or thoughts as they arise. When calling on Dharana in meditation or asana, you are choosing to focus on just one thing, and subsequently you are choosing to not focus on anything else. This helps you to stay true to your intention and experience fidelity to your choices.


Dhyana refers to the art and practice of meditation. This meditation can be either still or moving. When you are able to ‘drop in’ to meditation, to Dhyana, everything else seems to ‘drop away’. Sometime people refer to this as being in flow. Runners know it. People who knit or crochet know it. And mediators know it. The experience is often marked by ease, grace and surrender.


Samadhi is often read as bliss, because it is the experience of total union with your intention. Your body, mind and heart are congruent, as is your practice. Samadhi is the sensation of total integration with your meditation, complete and easy, in total flow. People who are creative experience this when they are completely melded with their music, art, writing or craft.


Samyama is the Sanskrit word to describe the experience of combining the practices of Dhāraṇā (concentration), Dhyāna (meditation) & Samādhi (union). It is said that the practice of these final 3 arms of the 8 Limbed Yogic Path will deliver you to Bliss, as you will truly be in the oneness, the flow. You will be absorbed, captivated, deeply internal and feeling great ease within.

Chocolate Meditation

We ended our session with a brief chocolate meditation. You can do this anytime you wish to deepen experience of your sensory self in pleasure. Simply pop a small piece of chocolate into your mouth, and then just let…….it………..melt………..slowly as you savour the flavour and focus on your breath. Yummy.

Here is a link to my favourite chocolate for meditation: Wei of Chocolate

These little babies are life altaring! (Altar, because thye

Yoga Nidra

We completed our session with a Yoga Nidra, as a way to experience Samyama. I read a brief yoga nidra text from a book I borrowed from the library. Here is the info, in case you’d like to check it out.


Shapiro, E. (2018). The art of mindful relaxation: The heart of yoga nidra. Mineola, NY: Ixia Press.

OM Work:

I suggested that you listen to a longer and more luxurious Yoga Nidra that I have recorded. Please click the link to be awash in 20 minutes of sumptuous sensory bliss. All you have to do is relax, surrender and listen.


****ADDENDUM: A Reminder that Leslie will be coming tonight at 6:00pm to share some information and samples from doTerra Oils. You won’t want to miss this!