Resisting Insouciance: A Prescriptive Poetic Invitation

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Resisting Insouciance:

A Prescriptive Poetic Invitation

(Inspired by the poetry of Celeste West[i])



Unscare your stable sensations of security,

Unveil and unshame your liquid sensuousness,

Uncritic your imaginal creativity,

Unreject your resolute will and boreal intuition,

Undefend your majestic heart,

Unsuppress your sovereign voice,

Unworry, unstick your lucid and fluid mind,

Unstop your lavish, secret sense of wonder.


Uncleave your bodymind

Ungrind your porous bones

Unmachete dense dentrites

Unanxiously sit in the quiet forest of your mind


Unresist the beckon to root and reach,

            Uncomplicate your ferocious desire for peace

Unagonize, unneglect and unburden your fecund, velvet self


Unlisten your desire to conform

Unblunt your thirst for justice

Untether the leash that chokes your love

Undampen the fire that drives your hunger


Unruffle your luminous feathers

Unhide (from) your feral self




© Joani Mortenson

September 22, 2016


[i] Unstiffen your supple body, unchatter your quiet mind, unfreeze your fiery heart. ~Celeste West

This poem was inspired by the words of Celeste West. I first read these precious and profound words on a small sign by the door of our Osteopath, Karen Angelucci of Birthright Investment. Click HERE to be whisked away to her nourishing website. We highly recommend this earth angel for your body’s every need.