New Website; Fresh Wishes

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Welcome to my new succulent space.

My cyber shingle and ethereal gathering space.

Blessings to my dear friend Jay Suttonbrown of Manipura Yoga College for introducing me to Square Space and the agentic wonderfulness of being able to create, maintain and update my own website. I'm so thrilled to have a space to call home, and to source you with current, relevant and reverent resources. 

I hope you find this site interesting, challenging, resourceful and germane to your growth, health, happiness and peace. My intention has been to create a thriving space where conversations could be lingered over, where wine could be sipped whilst savouring lush and contemplative photography or listening to a podcast, where coffee, tea or YOU could be percolating while reading a rousing regaling post, and where you could also find that sultry song you loved so much during yoga or dance class with me. 

Please. Make yourself comfortable. You are welcome here. In the words of one of my favourite people on the planet...

Show up. 

Be present. 

Tell the truth. 

Susan Armstrong 

May your time here be well served. And may you know that even though it is fun to look around, exciting to learn and beguiling to find resonance with others, the true source of your wisdom lies within you. As Rumi says, "Remember, the gateway to the sanctuary is inside you". Now, make your own wish. 

c/Joani Mortenson, February 2018