Meet Me at the Temple

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Meet Me at the Temple

One of my favourite days of the week is Friday! And not just for the universal “Thank God it’s Friday” axiom, but because Fridays are Temple Days for me. Friday is the day of my Sangha, my yoga community practice. I consider this my ‘home yoga group’, my yoga family.

If you’ve been to one of my classes, you’ve probably heard me say “My week is an arrow, pointing at this hour”, and it is so true. Friday morning yoga class is my reset, my opportunity for integration, for connection and for authentic movement. I frankly feel the most ‘me’ in this hour.

I get to both witness and be part of the therapeutic flow between lush, fun, hand-picked bouquets of music, fascia-deep stretching, bone-density building strength work, and ripe core presencing.

I especially love the openness of this group. This is a drop-in class, so there is always fluidity in who shows up, but there is a core group of mavericks who show up every week: body willing, truth-telling, sensing and open to whatever the muses have channeled for me that day.

There is TRUST in the room, and it is palpable, built upon a model of invitations, self-choosing, multiple modifications, and most importantly, self-respecting movement that is intended to open, soothe and satiate even the most savage of beasts with creature comforts, with the odd psychological or philosophical wisdom pearl thrown in for good measure.

I am exceedingly grateful for this practice and my community. With so much heart, so much generousity and so much interest in our collective good health and wellness. The South Surrey Recreation and Art Centre is a veritable bee-hive of activity.

Blessings and Blissings, my Sangha.

The light in me, sees and acknowledges the bright light that blazes in each of your hearts.